Finished Artwork/Image Resizing for High Resolution

Navigate to the top menu, and choose “Image,” then “Image Size.”


You will get this box:

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 11.53.53 AM

This picture was taken by my Nikon camera and I have it set for 300 dpi. Usually if you take a picture with your iPhone, the settings are for 72 dpi and pretty large so you can increase the dpi, which also means decreasing the size by the same factor.

So I know that it is a very large file, over 20 Mg. You definitely don’t want to leave it this size if you plan to email it or use it on Internet sites. It is an excellent size to save as a high resolution file to send to a magazine, or have reprints made. I will save this file as HunterHR.jpg.

If your image is 72 dpi, you will want to resize it to make it high resolution.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 12.11.40 PM

This step needs to be done in a particular order.

  1. Change resolution to 300, which is roughly 4 x 72.
  2. Divide width by 4, and enter 8.5 or 9
  3. The Height will automatically adjust to the change

Now you have a high resolution image, so save it with this designation and you won’t have to keep checking what size it is.

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